An AI Tutor with a Christian Worldview

TrekAI is a trusted, AI-based tutor intentionally built with a Christian Worldview that empowers teachers and improves student outcomes.

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What is Generative AI, and how is it used in education?

A large language model (LLM) is a specific type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can recognize, contextualize, and generate text responses to questions, creating life-like chat conversations with individuals. ChatGPT is the most well-known example.
LLMs often lack a grounding knowledge base which leads to what’s called a hallucination, where they get something wrong. ChatGPT’s hallucination rate is 10-20%. TrekAI was trained on a knowledge base developed with a Christian Worldview, following Ethos curriculum. Because of this, TrekAI’s hallucination rate is only 1-2%.
TrekAI’s knowledge base can be further customized by teachers using their specific lesson plans and rubrics. This has proven to relieve a teacher’s workload while also improving student outcomes.
Who is behind TrekAI? TrekAI was developed by Ethos School, an industry-leader in innovative, accessible faith-based online education.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by an AI Tutor with a Christian Context?
TrekAI is trained on teachings from a Christian worldview and grounds its answers in that context. Its answers will come from a Christian foundation, especially in matters of faith.
Can students use this for more than just asking questions?
Yes! Students can upload their own documents to have TrekAI help them study. They can upload a project assignment or a teacher’s requirements for a thesis and have TrekAI help brainstorm ideas for tackling it!
Does this create extra work for teachers?
Not at all! We’ve actually designed TrekAI to be simple to use and implement in the classroom and to help offload some of the work for teachers. For example, teachers can upload rubrics to TrekAI, and students can then copy their essays over for TrekAI to read and give feedback based upon the teacher’s own rubric, saving teachers hours of reading rough drafts and providing feedback!
Will students use this to cheat?
We’ve designed TrekAI to resist writing essays for students. In addition, all chats are logged for teacher review, further deterring misusing the tool.
How is this better than just using ChatGPT?
ChatGPT is not grounded in a knowledge source. TrekAI is grounded in a knowledge base (Ethos curriculum, with the opportunity for your teachers to contextualize the content further, if they choose) which decreases its hallucinations significantly to around 2%. ChatGPT has hallucinations anywhere from 10-20%. TrekAI is also trained by curriculum with a Christian worldview.
What grades does TrekAI serve?
TrekAI currently serves grades 6-12, with grades 4-5 in development.
How is TrekAI priced?
TrekAI charges a small fee per student user. Price breaks are offered at different levels of usage. Contact us for details.
How do we get this in our school?
We are now booking partner schools for Fall 2024. Book a call with one of our representatives here to learn more.
Recent reports suggest that 80%+ of students are already using Generative AI like ChatGPT. With TrekAI, we hope to get ahead of it and offer a more personalized option with Christian context.
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