Class-Based Online Courses


  • Weekly class sessions with teacher and peers
  • Coursework released on a weekly basis
  • On-demand tutor with TrekAI
  • Courses count towards final transcript

Self-Paced Online Course


  • No weekly class
  • Coursework released as student completes unit
  • On-demand tutor with TrekAI
  • Courses count towards final transcript

All-Access Course Content


  • Access to the coursework content of all Ethos courses (no tests)
  • Ideal for traditional homeschool families (parents assess grades)
  • On-demand tutor with TrekAI

At Ethos School, we offer three distinct Learning Pathways tailored to meet our student needs.

Our Class-Based option provides an interactive, synchronous learning environment through weekly class Zoom sessions led by dedicated teachers.
Classes average between 10-15 students. With coursework released on a weekly basis and access to on-demand tutoring through TrekAI, students engage in our path that’s most similar to a traditional school. Completion of these courses goes towards a student’s final transcript.

For those seeking an option with more asynchronous learning, our Self-Paced track empowers students to progress at their own speed throughout the semester.
With no weekly class sessions, coursework is released as students complete their class units, ensuring even more personalized learning journeys. Through TrekAI, students have access to on-demand tutoring support and will also have a dedicated teacher as their point of contact and support throughout the semester. Their completed courses contribute to their academic transcript.

For the utmost in freedom and flexibility, our All-Access Content (also called our Homeschool Bundle) option allows students to navigate their learning independently.
With access to the all Ethos courses (which includes lessons and assignments but without the tests) and TrekAI for on-demand tutoring, students can chart their educational path at their own pace. This option is ideal for traditional homeschool families who handle grades and assessments on their own. At Ethos School, we believe in empowering students with choices that best suit their unique schedules, learning styles, and goals. You can sign-up for a FREE TRIAL now.
If you’re interested in learning more about the Ethos Learning Pathways, schedule an Academic Counseling session with Dr. Crystal Downs today.
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