AP Music Theory

Course Description

The AP Music Theory course roughly parallels the content of a college freshman year theory course although some of the topics included are usually covered quite late in the undergraduate course of study. The material is covered very rapidly so that it can all be fitted into the course.  Significant critical/analytical/ creative thinking skills are fostered in most parts of the course, and especially in considerations of texture, harmonic progression, formal structuring, and style.  AP Examination questions emphasize the synthesis of musical knowledge into usable musical understanding; the final question on the test asks students to show understanding of harmonic progression in the common practice style.

In addition, the instructor maintains a policy of teaching an advanced theory course that is of significant relevance to students who will not go on to major in music.  It is the goal of this course to gain knowledge of musical elements (melody, harmony, form, rhythm, meter, texture, timbre, etc.) and use this knowledge through various listening, singing, writing, analytical, and creative activities to develop various speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills associated with the language of music.

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