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AP Macroeconomics

This course is an examination of macroeconomic theory and practice, emphasizing the study of U.S. government economic policy and the global economy.

AP AB Calculus

Students will learn to take limits, differentiate, integrate, solve extreme value problems, find areas under a curve, and find areas and volumes of revolution….

AP Art History

The AP Art History course explores such topics as the nature of art, its uses, its meanings, art making, and responses to art.

AP BC Calculus

This course is designed to meet the specifications of the College Board for a first year two-quarter course in calculus.

AP Chinese

Course Description The AP Chinese course is designed to prepare students for their successful performance on the AP exam. Students who score well usually…

PYTHON 2 – Introduction to Programming

This second course in Python further develops students’ programming skills to reinforce and strengthen the fundamentals of programming, logical thinking skills, and problem-solving.

PYTHON 1 – Introduction to Programming

This course provides an entry-level introduction to computer programming to introduce the basic fundamentals of programming, logical thinking skills, and computer science in general….

AP Computer Science A

Computer science is a discipline with a core set of scientific principles that can be applied to solve complex, real-world problems and promote higher-order…

AP Computer Science Principles

Course Description The curriculum focuses on the creative aspect of computing and computational thinking practices, enabling students to experience how computing impacts their everyday…