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We understand the responsibility parents feel to ensure their child excels in their sport as well as in their academics.

That’s why Ethos partners with parents to help prepare their child in a flexible, online environment for the next level.

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Got Questions?

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Why should you take an Ethos course?

Increase your body of work by adding rigor through AP courses and World Languages. Colleges are becoming more and more difficult to gain acceptance. One criteria used to evaluate applicants is course rigor in five core subject areas – science, social science, math, English, and world language. Recent studies have shown direct correlation between AP coursework and higher SAT scores and College Freshman GPA’s.

You will receive credit for our courses at your home school and they will be reflected on your home school’s transcript.

The Education movement values online coursework. There is an increase in Top tier colleges offering Higher educational degrees via an online platform. The state of Florida now requires one online course be taken in order to graduate from high school. And, research suggests that online, adaptive learning environments can outperform traditional face-to-face settings. We believe this trend will only continue.

What is the cost of an Ethos course?

A standard academic course is $615 for a semester and $765 for a full year. For an AP class, pricing is $715 a semester AP class and $875 for a full year. If you choose to take a course for college credit, the Dual Credit course requires an additional fee of $200 to Colorado Christian University. Learn more here:

What’s the difference between Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment?

For dual enrollment, you take a course for college credit through a given college or university with their professor. For dual credit, Ethos teachers are approved through Colorado Christian University to offer their course for college credit; thus, dual credit allows students to take their Ethos courses with their Ethos teacher and receive college credit.

Tell me more about Academic Counseling

Our professional Academic Counselors work to facilitate the academic growth of each student. Our goal is to maximize success by helping students navigate learning obstacles so they can thrive in their Ethos classes. We spend time developing relationships with our students and consulting with faculty to make sure each student has the tools to succeed.

Our Academic Counselors provide a supportive environment for students to help them identify appropriate paths in academics, activities, and eventually college placement. We want to help you craft and tell a compelling academic story that highlights your student’s achievements.

Is Ethos accredited?

Yes, Ethos is accredited by SAIS, ACSI, NCSA, Cognia, and WASC. In addition, our courses are NCAA approved.

Who grades my child’s assignments?

All coursework is graded by the Ethos teacher.

Is the Ethos curriculum from a Christian perspective?

Yes, Ethos School was established by Greater Atlanta Christian School (GAC) who has been a leader in Christian education since 1968. The mission of Greater Atlanta Christian School is to help each student grow as Jesus did in wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and man. Ethos has adopted the same mission and heart behind Christian education as GAC. For over 50 years, GAC’s leadership has propelled the school forward while ensuring it remains tethered to its mission.

Who is teaching the Ethos classes?

We have an online faculty that teaches Ethos courses. 100% of Ethos faculty have or are pursuing graduate degrees!

What style of learning is Ethos?

The Ethos style of learning is an a la carte model, where families can choose how many class(es) they would like their child to take. We’ve designed an online platform to allow your student to complete their course material at any time (so your family can have the freedom to travel), accomplishing their weekly goals on a flexible schedule. And then once a week, they join a live 1-hour video session where they engage in enriching activities with their teacher and classmates, as well as have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss their work, and present projects.

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