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What is Ethos School?


Engaging Online Education

We believe that for online education to be successful, students must be engaged and connected to their instructor and peers. The digital tools of today allow students to experience online education without giving up that crucial feeling of connection.

Rigorous Course Offerings

We prepare students for college by offering AP and world language courses that are proven to enhance college acceptance and performance.

Authentically Christian

Our students will be taught by Christian teachers whose focus is to create an experience that is academically strong with Christian principles.

Flexible Scheduling

The world of online education is ever growing as it allows students to learn at a time that is convenient for them.


AP Test Pass Rate


of faculty possess or are currently pursuing graduate degrees


World Languages Offered

Faculty Spotlight


Dr. Betty Morris

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership
Director of Academics

Dr. Paul Cable

Ph.D. in New Testament & Early Christianity
Instructor, Latin 1

Dr. Brad Denton

Ph.D. in English
Instructor, Creative Writing

Michael Washington

M.S. in Electrical Engineering
Instructor, BC Calculus

Why Ethos?

Increase your body of work by adding rigor through AP courses and World Languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Increase your body of work by adding rigor through AP courses and World Languages. Colleges are becoming more and more difficult to gain acceptance. One criteria used to evaluate applicants is course rigor in five core subject areas – science, social science, math, English, and world language. Recent studies have shown direct correlation between AP coursework and higher SAT scores and College Freshman GPA’s.

You will receive credit for our courses at your home school and they will be reflected on your home school’s transcript.

The Education movement values online coursework. There is an increase in Top tier colleges offering Higher educational degrees via an online platform. The state of Florida now requires one online course be taken in order to graduate from high school. And, research suggests that online, adaptive learning environments can outperform traditional face-to-face settings. We believe this trend will only continue.

Collaboration, feedback, and consistent communication expectations are the hallmark of the online educational platform within Ethos School. Students will regularly communicate with peers and their teacher through asynchronous and synchronous means. In addition, students will be asked to articulate their learning through discussion boards where they will post their understanding and provide feedback to their peers. This discussion mode will fuel learning and engage students in collaboration with one another.

Ethos School teachers are experienced, Christian, caring, and strong in their subject matter. The quality of any course (online or live) is dependent on the teacher. All Ethos School teachers possess or are currently pursuing graduate degrees and average over 10 years of teaching experience.  They have all been students in online courses and have experience with online course creation from a teaching perspective.

All Ethos courses are approved or pending approval by the NCAA in their initial-eligibility certification process.

Ethos teachers have been trained to create an adaptive, personalized online learning environment. Recent academic studies have found that learning in such an environment is as or more effective than in a traditional setting. Recognizing this fact, online coursework has increased exponentially in higher-education, for both traditional and online students